Privacy policy

1. The purpose and scope of information gathering
In the course of the transaction at the website:, just keep the website information about the orders of your payment, including information about your name, your email, your phone

2. Scope of using information
All of your personal information as well as the communication between you and the website will be kept confidential by the system and website. We use your information for:
- Provide services to you
- Send notifications of activities to exchange information between you and the website
- Prevent activities destroying your user accounts or forge your activities
-Contact and deal with you in a special case

3. Time to store information
- Through this policy, we use the phrase "Feedback" to describe the information associated to one particular individual and can be used to identify that individual
- We retent and secureyour personal information in server systems and safety guaranteed by a firewall system
- The personal information will be kept from the initialization to the most recent update. Except for the details of your transaction at the Website, will be maintained during the operation of the website
- Our system regularly coordinate with professionals of security to update latest information on network security to ensure the safety of your personal information upon registration and use of the Website

4. The address of the Administration and Collecting information
Head office: No 8, 4 Alley, Xom Str., Phu Lam Ward, Ha Dong Dist, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Tel: 84 4 36863838  Fax: 84 4 36863366
Email:, website:
Hotline: 04 3775 6595 (116)

5. Means and tools for users to access and edit your personal data
Accounts and user account password management by you, so you must carefully password security. If the password was leaked in any form, we are not liable for any losses incurred. Suspected cases user accounts or passwords leaked, you must change the password, or report to the board website: for assistance.

6. Privacy Commitment customer personal information

Website will not provide your personal information to third parties except to comply with the requirements of the authorities competent if these units have special requirements, or if you have the issue law violation