The adverse reactions of painkillers

The adverse reactions of painkillers

Aspirin has side effects such as gastrointestinal disorders, sensory disorders, allergies, coagulopathy. It can also cause Reye's syndrome (an acute encephalopathy with fatty liver and kidney degeneration) in children.

Therefore, do not take painkillers, antipyretic, anti-inflammation for patients with asthma and children under 18 years. The following are the harmful reactions of some other common analgesics:

1. Analgesic, cool down

- Paracetamol: For patients with hepatic impairment, overdosage (over 10 g / day in adults and over 100 mg / kg / day in children) or drug abuse will cause hepatocellular necrosis, possibly resulting in complete hepatic necrosis, irreversible and fatal. The drug for paracetamol poisoning is N - acetyl - cystine.

- Phenacetine: The regular and long-term use of this drug will cause kidney necrosis or secondary interstitial nephritis, leading to severe renal failure. If you take 1 g every day, the first symptoms of kidney disease will appear after 3 years. Therefore, only phenacetin should be used when other analgesics (aspirin, paracetamol) have no effect; Do not take phenacetin for kidney failure or, do not take long.

Noramidopyrin can cause agranulocytosis, leading to death (even with very small doses). No biological test predicts the occurrence of this complication. Noramidopyrin can also cause anaphylaxis (mainly occurs after injection by injection). Therefore, noramidopyrin should be restricted. If you have a history of allergy (especially allergy to aspirin) should not be used.

2. Painkillers alone

- Clometacin: This drug can cause hepatitis, even death. It has been banned in France.

- Fenin: The main adverse reaction is hepatitis. At high doses, the drug may cause acute renal failure with acute lower back pain (sometimes kidney complications also occur after 1-2 low doses). Urticaria, urticaria, shock and cardiac arrest are also possible reactions after taking fenin. Therefore, it should only be used when aspirin or paracetamol is not effective.

Professo: Pham Gia Cuong

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