Some note to use safe weight loss pills


Some note to use safe weight loss pills

Weight loss pills are gaining in popularity because of its inherent "utility". However, caution is advised about this drug.

Have you ever asked a question before you decided to lose weight? What is your goal? Do you think you lose weight but what is most important is health? So, make a smart choice for your body.


In order to quickly change the body mass index, many people are reluctant to choose fast weight loss methods such as fasting, taking slimming pills, and applying all the immediate ways to lose weight. that whine! As such you are bluffing with your own body, you have accidentally harmed the body. Have you ever asked a question before you decided to lose weight? What is your goal? Do you think you are losing weight, but the most important thing is still health, so have a smart choice for your body.

Follow the guidelines below for effective use:


"Process" when taking weight loss pills

Step 1: Take whole pills (do not break the medicine or crush the medicine) with a full glass of water (use only water to drink, no tea, milk or sugar substitute).

Step 2: Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Because in the process of taking medication, your kidneys will have to be "more active" so you will urinate more often than usual. So drink enough water to compensate for the amount of water that has been cleared out.

Step 3: Take your prescription full dose. It is wrong to assume that the more you take the weight loss medication, the faster and the higher the gain. In contrast, overdose may cause side effects.

Step 4: Check the pulse during use. The rhythm must be at least 86 beats per minute, if the beat is more than 90 beats per minute, then discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.
Step 5: To preserve the medicine, seal the box after taking the medicine. In addition, remember that medication should be combined with a scientific diet (calorie reduction, eating lots of green vegetables, fruits and limiting high-nutrient foods) and exercising regularly. will bring you the results.

Step 6. Do not take drugs continuously stop taking drugs after 3 months.

Recommendations from experts

Do not use weight loss medication if you are a victim of high blood pressure or have trouble with your prostate gland.

- Before using the drug you should seek medical advice and consult your doctor.

Do not use it when you have a stroke or stroke.

Avoid sharing with medicines to treat colds (especially nasal decongestants).

- Weight loss drugs are only "supportive" and can not be fully effective if not combined with a scientific diet or regular exercise.

Do not use when you are pregnant or during pregnancy.

Avoid medication if you are allergic to sunfree or Tartrazine.

If you are over 60 or under 18 years of age, ask your doctor for advice.

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