Fall in love with autumn perfume


Autumn makes it easy for you to choose a bottle of perfume as the weather in the morning. Autumn, the air is again the sultry summer, the end of autumn dry and cold when delivered with winter.

Companion to you, World Perfume please suggest some fresh products, fresh and elegant, warm and warm to have you a charming autumn.

1. Ricci Ricci Perfume for Women

With a very unique and extremely luxurious design, Ricci Ricci has become the new icon of the world famous perfume brand Nina Ricci. The perfect combination of fruit and natural fragrances gives Ricci Ricci a seductive, seductive, refined, seductive scent. The smell of pollen with the smell of the body creates a very sexy and bold scent. Ricci Ricci, irresistible attraction.

Characteristic: bergamot, rhubarb, daisy, lily, rose, patchouli, sandalwood.

Style: Seductive, bold.

2. Cabotine Gold Perfume for Women

The brand Gres has launched a unique line of carpets that are both classic and modern: Cabotine Gold, dedicated to the ladies of luxury and elegance. Cabotine Gold is a blend of the sweetness and warmth of citruses, citrus fruits, mandarin, melon, pink pepper mixed with pure, pure jasmine, jasmine and freshness. of vetiver grass, amber, patchouli. Cabotine Gold, for extra warmth.

Characteristic: tangerine, melon, pink pepper, jasmine, peony, vetiver, amber, patchouli.

Style: Elegant.

3. Flora By Gucci EDP for Women

As a new product of Gucci, but Flora has been popular with many people, is considered the first choice in the fall. Inspired by floral aromas, Flora has a sexy and seductive style. Orange, tangerine, peony, roses blended together gave Flora a very strong attraction.

Top notes are orange, tangerine, peony, rose, Osmanthu, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar wood.

Style: Sexy, seductive.

4. Si Lolita Women's Fragrances

Lolita Lempicka introduces a new fragrance for women called Si Lolita. This fragrance represents a magical world of Lolita girl - a Parisian girl living in a world full of enchanting. Fun smiles at everyone, passion in love, this is the fragrance of happiness.

Characteristic scent:

Top notes: pepper, bergamot, tangerine.

Middle notes: golden cloves, peas, sunflowers.

Lastly: amber, patchouli, tonka bean.

Style: Young, dreaming.

5. Desire Me for Women

Desire Me is a masterpiece of Escada, exquisite from design to fragrance. Desire Me with seductive scent, dedicated to the sexy and full of personality. Products contain passion burning, attracted from the opposite sex. Desire Me awakens all senses with a passionate scent of floral fragrance.

Features: Honeysuckle, Orchid ...

Style: Sexy, seductive.




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