Crystan - Solutions for acne skin


Crystan - Solutions for acne skin
   It is extracted from more than 40 kinds of precious herbs including: tea oil, dandelion, ginseng, lotus flower, honeysuckle ... Use Crystan product several times in a few days can kill acne, for Stubborn types of acne can be used to not only eradicate acne but also to prevent acne from appearing again. For new acne, old acne grows back, more acne on the face or scar. on the skin when using two sets of products can remove acne quickly.
Crystan uses the anti-regenerative technique of France, which works in treating acne, acne, scars, insect bites or scar and acne, making the skin Smoothes, restores damaged skin caused by acne.
How to use:
After using a cleanser, apply 3 to 4 times a day, apply Crystan, or Crystan, on your feet. In order to increase the effectiveness and eradication of acne inflammation, acne-prone face can be applied 4 to 6 times a day, which will give you faster results.
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