Policies return / exchange

1. Conditions 
- Products are return / exchange within 7 days from the date you receive the product
- Product packaging must be intact, whole stamps, and full of detail, and there are no signs votes Used
- In case there is any returning or changing policy for specified product, HIPC compnay will state it clearly in warranty condition.

2. Products not included in the list of free return / exchange 
-Goods damaged due to improper use and storage
-Goods not satisfy the conditions of the warranty policy

3. How to change / return products
- To change the product returns, customer contact business staff of the company through the hotline: 04 3775 6595 (103) then, customers please bring the product to the address for your purchase to determine the status of the product.
-If the products which customer wants to return / exchange reach one of the above conditions, the Company will withdraw it and change the new products for customers
-In case all new products of the same kind are out of stock, customers can switch to other product lines with equivalent value or take refund with the amount which customers purchased