Aspirin can help limit gastrointestinal cancer

US researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston say long-term aspirin can help prevent cancer of the digestive tract.

In a study presented at the American Cancer Society Conference in Philadelphia earlier this week, Dr Yin Cao and colleagues said the risk of gastrointestinal cancer could be reduced by 20 percent in people taking aspirin. for many years.

Aspirin có thể giúp hạn chế ung thư đường tiêu hóa - 1

The use of aspirin should be considered due to the risk of gastric bleeding. Image: The Telegraph

According to the HealthDay News website, the researchers tracked the health data of 82,600 women and 47,650 men over 30 years and found that there were about 20,400 cancers in women as well as 7,570 in men. Prostate cancer in men is not included in the data mentioned above. The study found that people who took aspirin regularly (325 mg twice a week or more) were at risk for cancer in general, especially on the colon and esophagus, significantly lower than For those who do not take this medicine. The team also noted that aspirin did not reduce breast, lung and prostate cancer.

Source 24h

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