7 helpful tips when using sunscreen

7 helpful tips when using sunscreen

Having a good vial of sunscreen does not mean that your skin is reassured because of its overall protection, it is important that you use the sunscreen properly.

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Sunscreen is a popular skin care product for women in the summer. In addition to choosing the right sunscreen, some things that you also need to consider are the use of sunscreen, Not only do you have to buy a bottle of expensive sunscreen, you can be assured that your skin is completely protected. Here are 7 helpful tips for ladies in using sunscreen.

1. Do not save

Do not save by buying a large amount of sunscreen and using them for a few years, or use a little cream to avoid it. According to Janice Stumpf, a dermatologist at Michigan State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, you should use about 14 grams in one session and 28 grams in the whole. Using less than that you do not create a thick enough skin protection layer to protect the sun. If you use sunscreen daily, you should choose sunscreen with SPF 30 is reasonable, the sunscreen with higher SPF index is only suitable when going to sea.

2. Read product carefully
You also need to have certain knowledge when choosing sunscreen this summer, not expensive sunscreens that are good but important whether expensive or cheap, as long as the sunscreen is suitable. for your purpose, skin and budget. Before buying sunscreen, you should carefully read the labels that are attached to the product. You need to find on the product label that the product is non-comedogenic and oil-free, and select the type of sunscreen that is on the packaging. "Broad spectrum" to protect you against both UVA (cancerous) and UVB rays (causing sunburn).

3. Use the correct order

The proper use of each product is very important because if not used in the right order, sunscreen will not be effective, but also cause more sunshine. For example, if your skin is dry, you should apply a layer of sunscreen before using a moisturizer. It is best to apply sunscreen before applying other products to sunscreen to penetrate into the skin and get the best sunscreen effect.

4. Pay attention to every centimeter

You should not skip a centimeter of skin on the body without applying sunscreen. You may have trouble applying sunscreen on the back, so we recommend using sunscreen spray and do not hesitate to ask a friend to help sunscreen.

5. Make the plan

Be smart ladies when using sunscreen, you should set the plan in mind. Apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before going out so that it has enough time to be absorbed into the outer layers of the skin, resulting in high efficiency when used.

6. Reapply frequently

Although advertised as waterproof sunscreen, you should still apply sunscreen twice a day when swimming or participating in sports activities, you only need to apply a thin layer and do not need to apply thick like the original cream.

7. Do not over-rely on sunscreen
Do not over-rely on sunscreen: Although sunscreen is effective when used properly, however, we should not overemphasize that we have used sunscreen. In addition to the use of sunscreen, you should use simple but effective protection methods: hat, long dress, face mask when going out in the sun, especially avoid going around in time. Noon in the hot sun.

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